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Patient Testimonials


Please note that we only provide complementary care for cancer patients in conjunction with the care of their MD to form an integrative program.


Gastric Adenocarcinoma Stage IV
(from Dr. Gene We surprised the oncologist with good results! This was a very difficult case of: Gastric Adenocarcinoma - stage IV, with Metastases in the Liver, Lungs, and Thyroid (and brain as we found out later)

— This patient's oncologists gave him no chance for success, and gave him 1 month to live (up to 3 months with palliative treatment.) But this prediction was for conventional treatment only. With an "aggressive integrative treatment" (conventional + natural complementary medicine)... the possibilities change.

Email Excerpt: The oncologist was quick to point out that at this stage of such advanced disease, there is no chance of success or cure. Even in the first consultation after the diagnosis, both the oncologist as the gastrointestinal physician gave my father 1 month of life.

My father has a stage 4 very advanced and extremely aggressive cancer, where metastasis had taken almost all of the liver and parts of both lungs, that the oncologist said would be practically impossible to reverse. They did not even advise chemo because it would weaken him more. [We were told]… not to limit him to any diets, not to keep our hopes up, and that it was prudent that we prepare, since he would not be alive for more than a month. The decision would be up to the family… but my father wanted to start chemo, so we did. We started the sessions in early June along with integrative treatment (two weeks after the start of chemotherapy).

— Their oncologist felt it wasn't worth it for them to do any treatment (nor any dietary changes) BUT, they decided they wanted to fight the cancer in every way possible... So we started them on an "Aggressive Integrative Program.” At first, he could not eat solid food [due to the cancer blocking the stomach]. After the 3rd month of the program, he was able to eat normally.

Email Excerpt: My father for 3 months fed on liquids, all liquified soups, including the Anticancer Muesli of cottage cheese and linseed oil, we had to include water or coconut water to be viable to ingest it. Now, for about a month or so, he's eating better. He is eating solid foods, soups, rice and beans (at lunch) with vegetables, the meat has been removed from the menu since the beginning of the treatment, does not eat any kind of sweets, sweetened juices, everything has been removed. Juices only of organic fruit and without sugar, we offer pineapple juice with mint, beet with orange lime, carrot with lime orange, papaya with lime orange.

— After 4 months of Integrative Treatment (oncologist's treatment, Budwig Diet, supplement program) a ll of his tumors shrunk by about 30%. And based on his oncologist's reaction, this would not have likely happened with conventional medicine alone. The oncologist revised her prognosis based on the unexpected results she was seeing. She changed her prognosis from 3 month survival…to an ADDITIONAL 6-12 months (remember this is already 4 months into treatment… so already 1 month beyond her initial expectation of his survival.)

Email Excerpt: Now with the evolution of treatment, she is indicating 6 months to 1 year of life expectancy for my father… The estimate of 6-12 months was based on the blood tests before the result of the tomography Sept 4th, where the blood test results had returned to the standard, including the liver enzyme test, which at the beginning of June were very high and by the end of August had returned to normal. The oncologist was very impressed with the results of these tests and said that expectations had risen as the treatment was giving positive results.

— This particular oncologist refused to acknowledge the "natural complementary, anti-cancer strategies" that the family was using… even though the result were beyond her understanding...

Email Excerpt: As for the result of the CT scan, she gave no estimate of life this time, said that she was very happy with the result of the CT scan, which in her entire career as an oncologist, she had never seen a test result as satisfactory as that of my father, mainly in a short time. That this was the first time, and she needs to talk to colleagues to understand how treatment with a single chemotherapeutic drug may have given as much result and as quickly in an aggressive and advanced cancer as my father's case. She joked and said that this should be a case for a clinical study.

— We and the family are still working hard to help this patient. But this story shows you that you can "supersede your oncologist's expectations" with an "aggressive integrative approach." Don't let anyone tell you that "you have no chance for success.".



John Batista A.
Brain tumor patient had surgery. After about 15 days hospitalized my brother was no longer able to walk, only spoke a few words with difficulty, could not handle eating food anymore, felt dizziness and nausea, and rarely recognized people, even if family. (...) I started following the protocol and give him the supplements at the hospital.

(...) We continued to give him the supplements and little by little we started to see the improvements happen. He was discharged from the hospital later already walking, still with the someone's help for support, talking normally and feeding himself.

We received wonderful news. John gained new life and now for the first time ever he is already driving, and super happy! He's getting better daily. We made a video and posted it on facebook. I'm waiting for the results of a new MRI. Once out I will send you the results. Hugs and Very Grateful! Dirce (John's sister)

"Thanks so much to everyone at CAIMed, my brother is doing really well now. With the Grace of God, who gave us direction, and showed us your site, we were guided to this miracle."



What an inspiring story! John was given a few weeks to live, now an year later he feels great and shared with us this video of him driving.



Luis F.

Hello, my name is Luis and around a year ago we started Dr. Gene's protocol for the treatment of my mother who was then 51 years old and had a moderately differentiated colorectal carcinoma with hepatic metastasis. She did the surgery and removed the largest tumor of the colon, but two small metastatic liver tumors still remained. She got two courses of chemotherapy with an IV and some other medications, but the doctors said the drugs were not producing the desired effect. So we started the treatments that Dr. Gene advised.

About two months ago she returned to the oncologist to do medical exams again and even the doctor was very surprised with the results and said that she had virtually no more active cancer cells. She has been without medication for about 9 months, and is now very well and feels nothing... I'm grateful for the help and THANK YOU!



Rosani M.

Dear friends at CAIMedicine, at this moment I'm writing as I'd like to thank you for the attention and affection given to us when we most needed. In November I began learning the integrative protocol that you teach. It is simply WONDERFUL! The patient at the time was fully healed from a hodgkin lymphoma and since then I continued to motivate so many people. THANK YOU and may GOD continue to bless you all.



Doroti D.

I'm here to say thank you for your support and to finally confirm the healing of my mother, first by the work of God, along with the diet and supplements.

The tumor in the palate is now fully cured (as confirmed by her latest MRI tests). My mother began treatment in March, and since then she began on the natural supplements.The sore palate began to be dissolved in August of the same year.

Here is the funny story. The MRI found that it was surgically removed, but we are all witnesses that the only treatment was faith in God and the use of diet and natural supplements, since because at her age (86 years), she was actually unable to undergo surgery, chemo and radio. The reason I’m only now emailing you this healing testimonial is that the new MRI was complete only a short time ago... I’ll be sending the first and last exams to you so you can see the truthfulness of her healing.

It's a wonderful thing that should be shared with all human beings, really fantastic! Since her healing now, the only thing we have been doing is sharing her story to all who need and are desperate about their healing, I believe that’s the best way of saying thanks. Thank you, a thousand thanks, Doroti



Agnes A.

Hope everyone at CAIMedicine is ok. I'm fine, thanks to God and your protocol..... now I'd like continue taking the supplements, but it would be for "maintenance ", because I have been cancer free now for over 3 months, and thanks to God... the tumor marker that was at 300 for over 2 years is now at 26. thanks, Agnes M.

Hi guys, everything ok? It's Agnes, I have updates. Since starting the diet and supplements I've been feeling great. Actually I have wonderful news, the cancer of the trachea, lung and liver have disappeared. I had 3 nodules and now only 1, but now I have a new one on the bones... When I was taking the supplements actually, the nodules in the liver were gone by the third month, but they now came back after 8 months, but it's because I stopped taking my supplements and stopped with the diet. I'm aware that I was wrong, because while I was following the protocol I was doing well. So I will continue and get back on track now.



Elizabeth C.
Good morning, I have great news! My mother did further tests and showed that her tumor has not grown. It this the same size as it was when discovered, and it has already been four months.Thank you, Elizabeth



Elen S.
My father had imaging exams this week (...) the tumor has already reduced 60% up till now. In the blood test, by the marker, it had reduced 92% and had an increase last month going back to 88%. But he still has great quality of life and this is very important. Thanks so much, Elen



Guilherme C.

Firstly, I'd like to thank everyone at CAIMedicine for all the support and attention provided to us, you are enlightened by GOD! My grandma was diagnosed with a brain tumor (high risk glioma), 30 days ago, which already has broken the blood brain barrier, so as soon as we received the diagnosis I ran after information on the internet about the aggressiveness of the tumor and found it was indeed an aggressive cancer and that the survival rates reach a maximum of two years after the diagnosis due to the difficulty to remove the tumor because it is such a delicate organ!

In my search for information I found your website and read everything I could before making any rushed decisions, after this tiring reading I went to my grandmother's house and presented her with all with the information, especially about starting on an integrative protocol as soon as possible, at the time she accepted and agreed to take the supplements and have a change in eating habits, then I ran and we soon started on the diet and got the supplements that Dr. Gene offers.

Today is exactly 18 days she has been using the supplements and following the diet, oddly enough she's not feeling any more of the negative symptoms she felt; before starting the treatment she was very forgetful, could not walk anymore, unless it was leaning against walls and holding the furniture around the house, she felt a swollen head and had a very pale appearance as well, but now all these symptoms have simply desappeared.

This treatment is actually a powerful weapon against cancer, I don't have words to thank you for what you've been doing for my family, THANK YOU! STAY WITH GOD!



Maria Alice M.

Now, I'd like to share a MIRACLE. I followed the diet as well as several other therapies. The breast lump has changed so quickly that the doctor ordered an ultrasound urgently. I went to another clinic, and... the doctor DID NOT find the tumor anymore. He tried several times and nothing. He looked at other exams, compared, analyzed, did the exam again, and NOTHING. Switched machines, tried a better more detailed machine, and again NOTHING. Palpating I still feel something not very solid, more pasty close to the base, as if a fibrosis has stayed. (...) Thank you for all your love and care. Wishing a blessed year!



Jeanne R.

Among many things, first we seek recourse in God, so when I took a while before buying the recommended supplements it was simply because Alexander's doctor asked us to do further tests to determine if he should or not schedule the chemo and surgery. I fell into prayer and began following every step of your orientations in terms of food and diet modifications and everything else.

We changed Alexander's eating habits and followed the protocol. After the tests were done and even redone to confirm, because the doctor did not believe them initially, it was confirmed that Alexander doesn't have anything else on his head, thank to God and Dr. Gene's guidance. The tumor disappeared.

I have no words to thank you for your attention to me and recommendations to Alexander. Always so helpful and caring in your emails. May God bless and keep using you to help people who are around you or who seek your help. I will follow your dietary guidelines for the rest of my life and I will make sure that anyone who needs your support and guidance, as we needed, will not hesitate to seek it immediately and follow every step the protocol you recommend. (...)

No words to thank you for what you did for us, I leave you a big hug and a wishing success and victory on everything that you do in your life.



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