Center for Acupuncture and Complementary Medicine Orlando
Center for Acupuncture and Complementary Medicine Orlando
Gene Wei, DOM, AP

Please Note: We're currently transitioning our practice to Los Angeles, CA. So Dr. Gene is only available via Skype, email, & phone.

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Complex Chronic Conditions


The Center For Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine is a premier provider of drug-free pain management therapies. Using highly effective techniques like acupuncture and acupoint injection therapy, our clinic helps people resolve their ailments and live pain free everyday.


Is your pain so severe that it’s even painful to the touch?


If so, the treatments that we use can help you especially. In these types of cases, patients often get rapid relief and are quickly on their way to living pain free.


Schedule your free 15 minute consult with Dr. Gene to see if we can help you.


Whether your insurance plan Does or Does Not cover Acupuncture itself, our clinic offers safe and effective treatments covered by most insurance plans for:



Acute and Chronic Pain Of All Types


    Neck Pain

    Shoulder Pain

    Frozen Shoulder

    Tennis Elbow

    Golfer’s Elbow

    Carpal Tunnel

    Syndrome Back

    Pain Hip Pain


    Shin Splint

    Knee Pain

    Achilles Tendon Pain

    Morton’s Neuroma

    Plantar Fasciitis

    Muscle Spasms

    Post Surgical Pain

    Knee Replacement Pain


    TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder)

    Facial Pain

    Trigeminal Neuralgia



    Intercostal Neuralgia

    Piriformis Syndrome

    Hamstring Tears (Frequent)

    ITB Friction Syndrome

    Osgood Schlatter

    Baker's Cyst

    Plica Syndrome

    Cuboid Syndrome

    Diabetic Neuropathy

    Restless Leg Syndrome

    Post Herpetic Neuralgia

    RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy)

    Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

    Painful Nighttime Leg Cramps



If your insurance plan Does Cover Acupuncture, we can help you with all the issues above plus:


Nausea and vomiting as a side effect of chemotherapy and radiation therapy

    All Types of Headaches

    Acid Reflux Pain

    Post Extraction Tooth Pain

    Pain From Chronic Ulcers



The Center For Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine provides the latest in pain management and wellness therapies for the residents of Orlando, Maitland, Winter park, Altamonte Springs, Lake Mary, Longwood, Sanford, and other surrounding areas.



Complementary Cancer Care

The Integrative Cancer Program
Fighting cancer is a complex and challenging process. Having all the available knowledge and support is crucial for your success…

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About Dr. Wei
Gene Wei is a board certified Doctor of Oriental Medicine and the author of "A Day in the Budwig Diet", a leading reference explaining the anti-cancer diet created by renowed German scientist Dr. Johanna Budwig.

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A Day in the Budwig Diet
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