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Center for Acupuncture and Complementary Medicine Orlando
Gene Wei, DOM, AP

Please Note: We're currently transitioning our practice to Los Angeles, CA. So Dr. Gene is only available via Skype, email, & phone.

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Detoxification Therapy


The advent of the industrial age came with the unfortunate cost of increased environmental toxicity. Petroleum based chemicals used in manufacturing, neurotoxins in agricultural pesticides, carcinogens in household products, heavy metals found in certain fish and dental materials, endocrine (hormone) disrupters found in plastics…Our bodies are bombarded with toxins on a daily basis.


Though your body has its own innate detoxification mechanisms, chronic inflammation, sub-optimal diet, high levels of exposure and genetics can all have a role in overwhelming the body’s detoxification abilities.


Researchers are now understanding more about how these mechanisms work. Our knowledge of environmental toxicity and detoxification is more advanced than ever.

Using the latest diagnostic laboratory testing, lifestyle counseling, and the most advanced Nutraceuticals available today, we are able to identify levels of toxicity, restore the body’s natural detox mechanisms, and promote rapid detoxification.

“Environmental toxins have been linked to a wide range of serious chronic diseases. For people fighting these illnesses, a science-based detoxification program is a critical foundation.”



Complementary Cancer Care

The Integrative Cancer Program
Fighting cancer is a complex and challenging process. Having all the available knowledge and support is crucial for your success…

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About Dr. Wei
Gene Wei is a board certified Doctor of Oriental Medicine and the author of "A Day in the Budwig Diet", a leading reference explaining the anti-cancer diet created by renowed German scientist Dr. Johanna Budwig.

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A Day in the Budwig Diet
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