Center for Acupuncture and Complementary Medicine Orlando
Center for Acupuncture and Complementary Medicine Orlando
Gene Wei, DOM, AP

Please Note: We're currently transitioning our practice to Los Angeles, CA. So Dr. Gene is only available via Skype, email, & phone.

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Chinese Herbal Medicine


Herbal Medicines are an integral part of Oriental Medicine. Whether used in conjunction with other treatments, or as a stand alone, Chinese Herbal Medicine is powerful in its ability to promote healing in the body.


Though Chinese Herbs have been prescribed for thousands of years, modern researchers are now understanding why and how they are so beneficial in a clinical setting. Chinese Herbs and formulas have shown the ability to produce a wide range of biological effects. Studies have demonstrated antiviral, antibacterial, antipyretic (fever relieving), and analgesic (pain killing) properties amongst Chinese Herbs and formulas. They have also shown the ability to stimulate the immune, hormonal, and nervous systems.


“Many pharmaceutical drugs are actually derived from natural sources. Its should no surprise that Chinese Herbal Medicines are effective… and more biologically friendly.”


Chinese herbs can be taken in the form of tea, dry powders, and capsules. Externally they can be applied in the form ointments and liniments.


Dr. Wei uses only the highest quality herbal extracts, lab tested for purity, safety, and potency.



Complementary Cancer Care

The Integrative Cancer Program
Fighting cancer is a complex and challenging process. Having all the available knowledge and support is crucial for your success…

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About Dr. Wei
Gene Wei is a board certified Doctor of Oriental Medicine and the author of "A Day in the Budwig Diet", a leading reference explaining the anti-cancer diet created by renowed German scientist Dr. Johanna Budwig.

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A Day in the Budwig Diet
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