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Gene Wei, DOM, AP

Please Note: We're currently transitioning our practice to Los Angeles, CA. So Dr. Gene is only available via Skype, email, & phone.

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Anti-Cancer Program


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If you’ve done any research yourself, you know how confusing it can be…


What foods should I eat?

What foods should I avoid?

Why does one diet contradict another diet?

Which supplements should I take and when?

Which supplements should I avoid?

What are the best options for my individual case?


We guide our patients through the process so they can focus on getting well.


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How it works



Call or email us to book your initial consultation.


We accept consultations via Skype, phone, email or at our clinic in Florida.



Skype Consults


We work with many people all over the country face to face via Skype video.

Phone Consults


If you prefer, we also accept consults over phone and/or email.

In Person Consults


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Your Anti-Cancer Program includes:

2 Initial Consults and Protocol + 3 Follow-up Consults









Our Approach includes Therapeutic Diets, Supplementation and Lifestyle Changes!



Therapeutic Diets


Though therapeutic diets are absolutely fundamental when it comes to adjunctive cancer care, it involves much more than just choosing a particular diet. How, when, and how much you eat can be just as important as what you eat. Also, certain diets may not be beneficial for certain cases. There are many factors to consider.


We help our patients determine a diet that is best for them, and give them detailed guidelines that are easy to follow.


We also use MealLogger, a smart-phone based food journal to support our patients through the process.



Supplementation is just as confusing as diets when it comes to Adjunctive Cancer Care. There are so many products and formulations available that it can be overwhelming.


When determining a supplementation program, it is important to “hit all the bases” in terms of adjunctive cancer treatments. A balanced supplementation program should address the body from various angles.


For example, choosing two particular supplements that overlap in immune support may be counter productive if you lack the resources to address other aspects of the body. One person may also need more emphasis on immune regulation, while another may require more metabolic support. And because supplementation options can be extensive, we use a “budget based approach” to form a balanced supplementation program for our patients.


Our patients also receive access to our patient only store. Once your program has shown to be sufficient via lab testing, you can continue getting your supplements at patient only prices, without booking further consults.

Lifestyle Changes


Lifestyle adjustment are fundamental for people fighting cancer. Sleep, mental activity, physical activity… there are many actions that can help, or hurt your situation depending on timing and quantity. We guide our patient through this process for maximum benefit.


Our patients undergo lab testing after 3-4 months of adjunctive cancer care to determine progress and adjust if necessary.




Patient Testimonials



Our patients and their family members share the great news!



Doroti's mom
Palate Cancer

John Batista
Brain Cancer

Agnes A.
Trachea, Lung and Liver Cancer

The tumor in the palate is now fully cured as confirmed by my mothers latest MRI tests. It's a wonderful thing that should be shared with all human beings, really fantastic!
John gained new life! For the first time ever, he is now driving, and super happy! He's getting better daily.
Since starting the diet and supplements I've been feeling great. I have wonderful news, the cancer of the trachea, lung and liver have disappeared.

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Learning Center



Dr. Gene answers to your questions...


Gene Wei, DOM, AP, Author, specializes in complementary and integrative cancer care at the CAIMedicine (Center for Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine) in Maitland, Florida. Dr. Wei graduated from UCLA and continued studies at Yo San University in Los Angeles and East West College of Natural Medicine in Sarasota, FL where he graduated with the highest honors. He also holds a Masters of Science in Oriental Medicine and is a Board Certified Doctor of Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture Physician in the state of Florida. Dr. Wei co-authored A Day in The Budwig Diet, which is one of the top resources explaining the anti-cancer diet created by German scientist Dr. Johanna Budwig.

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Cancer Diagnosis, Do This Before Anything Else!


Dr. Gene Wei offers his opinion on what people should do after getting that diagnosis of cancer. It can be a frightening time, but he says there is one thing to do before making a decision on any treatment. He also offers advice on what you can do should you decide conventional treatment that might help you maintain overall health.


Time: 2:33 |


Is Cancer in Your Family History? Knowing This Could Help Avoid It!


Dr. Gene Wei discusses cancer and how it's related to family history. If you have cancer in your family, are you necessarily doomed to get it? What can you do to improve your odds of not getting cancer, even if you have a genetic history of it? Dr. Wei discusses these issues here!


Time: 2:59 |


You Knew Organic Foods are Healthy, But This Will Surprise You!


Dr. Gene Wei discusses the benefits of organic foods versus non-organic. Find out what the difference might be when it comes to those foods anti-cancer properties, as well as the potential toxicity levels and detox abilities.


Time: 1:38 |


Know This Before Starting the Budwig Diet!


Dr. Gene Wei co-authored a book on the Budwig Diet. Here he discusses some important things you should know before starting the diet and what some of the potential risk factors might be.


Time: 2:30 |


The Sun Helps Prevent These Deadly Conditions, and it's Not How You Think!


Dr. Gene Wei discusses some aspects of the Budwig protocol, including the basic components of the diet plus the benefits of sun. Find out how the sun can help in cancer prevention but also in heart health.


Time: 4:20 |


The Budwig Diet, An Anticancer Protocol


Dr. Gene Wei co-authored a book about the Budwig Diet. Here, he explains the history of the woman who created it and what some of its properties are. Find out how it has become a big part of anti-cancer protocols and what kinds of foods are part of it.


Time: 5:19 |


A Day in the Budwig Diet: The Book

Dr. Gene Wei, Author


A Day in the Budwig Diet explains the diet developed by Dr. Johanna Budwig, 7x Nobel Prize Nominee and world renowed scientist in Biochemistry and Pharmacology.


[PDF] 10 Things YOU MUST Know About Cancer and Navigating the Medical System

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Getting Started



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Dr. Gene consults with people for Adjunctive Cancer Care nationwide and internationally.


Cancer is a complex condition. Beyond the treatments provided to you by your oncologist, there are many things that you should and shouldn’t do to support the healing process.


Conventional medicine mainly looks at half of the equation when it comes to treating cancer... the cancer itself. But YOU are the other half of the equation. Your immune system, metabolic terrain, detoxification pathways… these factors are often overlooked.


“I refer my patients to Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners on the staff at the Osher Center… Traditional Chinese Medicine is all about expelling evil and supporting good. Modern western medicine is mainly about expelling evil. I think my role as an integrative oncologist is to support the good as well as expelling the evil.”


~ Donald Abrams, MD, UCSF Osher Center for Integrative Medicine



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Important: As a complementary health care provider, we work with your oncologist(s) to bring you back to health with integrative care. Though we work to correct underlying aspects of the body that may relate to cancer, we do not treat cancer itself. For people outside of the state of Florida we work only as your Health Coach, in addition to the care of your primary care provider.

Complementary Cancer Care

The Integrative Cancer Program
Fighting cancer is a complex and challenging process. Having all the available knowledge and support is crucial for your success…

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About Dr. Wei
Gene Wei is a board certified Doctor of Oriental Medicine and the author of "A Day in the Budwig Diet", a leading reference explaining the anti-cancer diet created by renowed German scientist Dr. Johanna Budwig.

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A Day in the Budwig Diet
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